Case Studies

Snead State Community College is a small institution located in Boaz, AL. A new president and a new leadership team found that they had inherited an ongoing problem with standard 8.2.a Student Outcomes: Educational Programs. This ongoing problem resulted in the institution being placed on probation by the SACSCOC Board of Trustees. The president, Dr. Joe Whitmore, reached out to Southeastern Accreditation Consultants (as well as a few other consultants) to discuss the problem and we began working with Snead State Community College in February of 2021. This work included comprehensive support for a re-design of the student learning outcomes assessment process and reporting as well as hands-on assistance with the construction of the Monitoring Report. The SACSCOC Special Committee had no recommendations after their visit and the SACSCOC Board found Snead State Community College in full compliance during their December 2021 meeting. Southeastern Accreditation Consultants will continue to support Snead State Community College’s accreditation efforts as they work through the reaffirmation process as a member of the SACSCOC class of 2024.

Dr. Wymer put together a logical and complete plan to help us with this critical issue.”
-Dr. Joe Whitmore, President

Dr. Wymer has a gift for explaining complex processes in ways that are easy to understand, and his strategic approach was personalized to our specific situation. He was a pleasure to work with.”
-Dr. Greg Randall

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