Mission and Inspiration


Southeastern Accreditation Consultants provides our clients with innovative strategies to support compliance as well as project management, quality control, and strategic planning services for all components of the accreditation process with an unwavering focus on personalized customer service.


Accreditation is a high-stakes process that is both meticulous and time-consuming. The nature of this task often pulls key personnel away from their responsibilities as an institution prepares the necessary documents. The Principles of Accreditation are a collection of best practices in higher education and the process of making a case for compliance should be a time of reflection for an institution. However, my experiences indicate that institutions tend to focus more on the mechanics of the process and less on the institutional growth that should result. This makes sense due to the time involved in the production of quality accreditation documents coupled with the fact that institutions have become leaner, meaning that there are fewer hands to do the work. Southeastern Accreditation Consultants offers personalized and comprehensive support for the accreditation process within the context of an institution’s own infrastructure, leaving the institution to write and reflect on the substance of each principle, allowing an institution to grow in a meaningful way through this process.