We Love our Clients!

It is our privilege to serve these institutions as they progress through their accreditation journey.

Our colleagues at Snead State Community College are repeat customers. We helped them with a Monitoring Report complicated by a sanction of probation (read more here). Work started on their Compliance Certification in January 2022 as a member of the Class of 2024. We continue to support them as they construct the QEP and gear up for the Focused Report and the site visit.

Jefferson State Community College is another repeat customer! We worked with them on a Monitoring Report and then began to collaborate on their Compliance Certification as a member of the SACSCOC class of 2024.

We got an early start with our colleagues in Kentucky as we work together on their 5th year report. We began working together in August 2022 in preparation for their September 2023 submission date.

We are very excited to be working with Miami Dade College on a reimagining of the Program Student Learning Outcomes Assessment process in preparation for a fantastic narrative supporting compliance with 8.2.a in their upcoming reaffirmation as a member of the SACSCOC class of 2025.

As a member of the SACSCOC class of 2024, The Citadel is working toward the submission of their compliance certification in September 2023. We are working with them on several key narratives to support a compelling case for compliance.

We supported our friends at GMC as they worked on their 5th year report. Work started on this important document in November 2021 with a submission date in September 2022 followed by a site visit in October 2022. We provided on-site training for students, faculty, and staff in preparation for the onsite visit which was triggered by a large number of new OCIS locations.

Let’s build something together.

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