Does online instruction help or hurt your IE metrics?

Inside Higher Ed posted an interesting article about online instruction the other day. You can find it here. Even before the pandemic, students were voting with their class registrations, pushing institutions to increase online offerings, which brought about a decrease in face-to-face instruction. It is not difficult to meet the minimum requirements of your accreditor,Continue reading “Does online instruction help or hurt your IE metrics?”

Mixed Signals on 8.2.a?

Standard 8.2.a (Student Outcomes: educational programs) is one of the most common areas of non-compliance in the SACSCOC region. That makes sense since it is a complex standard that impacts nearly every corner of the academic division of an institution. It does not help when you get mixed signals about what is required to makeContinue reading “Mixed Signals on 8.2.a?”

Do you have style?

When we are starting work with a new client on a large project, such as a 5th year report or a reaffirmation, we always ask about a style guide. This is important for a large document with multiple authors. The style guide controls how your institution’s name shows up in print (and how it isContinue reading “Do you have style?”

To Sample or not to Sample, That is the Question…

This is the sixth in a series focused on SACSOC interpretations of The Principles of Accreditation. There are a few standards where institutions are permitted to provide a sample of documentation needed to make a case for compliance. We are talking about 7.3 Administrative Effectiveness, 8.2.a Student Outcomes: educational programs, and 8.2.c Student outcomes: academicContinue reading “To Sample or not to Sample, That is the Question…”

A Healthy, Safe, and Secure Environment

This is the fifth in a series focused on SACSCOC interpretations of The Principles of Accreditation 13.8 Institutional environmentUnlike some of the other standards that are accompanied by interpretations, 13.8 does not represent an accreditation challenge for most institutions. Additionally, the 2020 interpretation of the standard, which can be found here, is included in theContinue reading “A Healthy, Safe, and Secure Environment”

Standard 6.2.a Faculty Credentials

This is the third in a series focused on SACSCOC interpretations of the Principles of Accreditation. More than 90% of institutions are found non-compliant with this standard after the off-site review, more than 20% after the on-site review, and it remains a problem for about 5% of institutions after review by the SACSCOC Board. TheContinue reading “Standard 6.2.a Faculty Credentials”